Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About Me


Thanks for stopping by looking at my work. I am truly appreciate it! I have another account in flickr which I update it almost everyday. Click Here if you interested to visit my flickr website.

I am Adelaide (Australia Base)freelance photographer who like to do any kind of photography as long as it is interesting and attractive in my eyes. I like to do photography because I joined flickr, one of the best and larger photography website in the world.

I really started to do photography since the day I joined Flickr, which was 3 June 2007. I never expected I will totally addicted to do photography someday in my life, and it become one of my top hobby! I liked to take photos before then, but only taking photos for friends or people. And very very rarely photograph purely landscape or objects. That's why I am so regreting now, why did I started to do photography sooooo late!!!??? Because I had been so many beautiful places before, but 90% of the photos that I taken were with people(Family,Friends,Myself...) inside!I wouldn't call it Portrait, I would rather call them snapshot. So I've missed a lot of great photos opportunity!!!

I have heard a lot of people buying expensive camera, lenses, filter etc to do photography. However, from my point of view, being a successful photographer, it is no necessary to have a real expensive equipment; the most expensive tool is actually your eyes – the eyes of beauty. Without the eyes of beauty, a photo that taken from million dollars camera also worth nothing.

Once again, thanks for your visit. And please do feel free to comment on my work as it will give me a great encouragement!

Have a nice day

Best Regards
Kelvin Wong

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