Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glenelg Beach ~ The Golden Time

"Located only 10km from the heart of Adelaide City, Glenelg is a charming seaside resort set on the long sandy white shores of Holdfast Bay. Glenelg is the site of South Australia's original mainland settlement in 1836. It is Adelaide's most popular coastal region featuring:

* Glenelg CoastlineGlenelg Coastline Great Visitor Information Centre
More Information here
* Spectacular pristine ocean environment
* Sandy white beaches
* Magnificent sunset vistas
* Abundance of dolphins and seals
* 7 day shopping, with over 200 specialty shops
* Museums and galleries
* Restaurants, cafes, outdoor eating
* Heritage walks
* World class accommodation and cosmopolitan hotels
* Vibrant nightlife
* Festivals and Events
* Sailing, scuba diving, golf, volleyball..."

(From: http://glenelgsa.com.au/)

The Golden Time Shadow


Glenelg  Beach

Glenelg  Beach


Glenelg Beach ~ My Shadow

Glenelg Apartment



Sunset in Glenelg Beach

The Time

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Jetty

Glenelg Pier



Linda said...


You make me feel as if I am standing on the sandy beach at Glenelg. I miss Adelaide so much. It has been 7 years since I left. Not much has changed at Glenelg except for the guard house.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Susan said...

These are so beautiful! Like Linda, I too miss Adelaide, though it's been thirty plus years since I left for WA! I miss the jetties along the coast of Adelaide, and the serenity of the water. Once again, wonderful photos!