Monday, June 15, 2009


(Adelaide Base Photographer)


andzer said...

great presentation of your work Kelvin!

Kelvin Wong said...

Thank you very much Andzer!!

Thomas said...

Hi Kelvin - some really nice work you have, especially all your macro work. I'm recently new to photography and stumbled upon your blog through flickr. I was just wondering what lense you use? Did you buy another lense instead of the 18-55mm kit lense your 400D would have come with I assume?

Kelvin Wong said...

Hi Thomas, thank you very much for your compliment!! and so sorry i reply you so late as I was busy haven't got time to check my blog yet. All the lenses I got just cheap lenses, EF50mm f/1.8, and EF 75-300mm, Raynox 250~ i just got a Canon Speedlite 580 II couple months ago, so the speedlite doing really well just make the photos look like taken from the new lenses~ will update my blog more oftwen in the future! cheers!

Annemieke said...

We would really like to use one of your beautiful Autumn photos on the cover of our magazine - what is your contact phone number so that we can speak with you?

Kelvin Wong said...

Hi, my contact number is +61 433222001